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31/05/2020 - 18:06

Flourishes from urban development program

Many works and items have been invested and built to create spacious and clean landscapes, improve the quality of people’s life, and contribute to the local socio-economic development.

Kien Tuong town is trying to fulfill grade-III urban targets by 2020

Kien Tuong town is trying to fulfill grade-III urban targets by 2020


The urban development program is always concerned by the leaders of the provinces, departments, branches and localities. The urban area of Long An province has made strong changes, and its appearance has flourished. Cities, towns, townlets and townships are constantly being upgraded and embellished. Besides, the residential areas have been gradually expanded, developed and attracted investors.

Based on the urban development program of the province, localities have implemented effectively, focusing on improving urban criteria by renovating and investing in essential infrastructure systems, serving the development needs of such as roads, embankments, electricity, water supply and drainage, etc. Besides, some localities concentrate resources to build and upgrade social welfare works such as hospitals, schools, parks, and so on to create a new face for the city, contributing to improving the quality of people’s life the in the area.

Since being recognized as a grade-IV urban area in 2007, especially after its establishment (in 2013), the appearance of Kien Tuong town has been constantly renovated. The town concentrates resources to invest, upgrade works, infrastructure systems, and so on in the area to serve both the development and urban embellishment. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Trung (Ward 2, Kien Tuong town): “The urban appearance of the locality has changed dramatically, in a positive direction, especially in the last 5 years, Kien Tuong town has been “changed skin, changed meat”. People join hands with the government towards building a civilized city”.

Chairman of Kien Tuong Town People's Committee - Nguyen Van Vu said that the locality gathers resources to improve urban criteria every year. From 2015 to the present, the town has allocated nearly 800 billion VND to implement nearly 1,000 construction projects. The town urbanization speed is developing fast and sustainably in accordance with the set roadmap, the urban indicators are increasingly being completed. The work of urban planning and general planning of the town in the right direction, detailed planning blueprints have been completed as a basis for establishing investment projects of civil, industrial and technical infrastructure works, etc. Besides, the town focuses on exploiting the potentials and advantages, mainly commerce, services, industry, construction, agriculture, security and defense. The town is focusing on implementing key projects to serve the development and renovation of urban areas in the area such as Town embankment (phase 4), Airport urban area (phase 2), bus station - residential bus station, Nui Dat cultural and commercial park, etc.

Kien Tuong townlet is trying to meet the grade-III urban targets in 2020

Kien Tuong townlet is trying to meet the grade-III urban targets in 2020

Currently, Kien Tuong meets 54 out of 59 targets of grade-III urban area , total score is 80 out of 100. However, urban development is facing a big challenge related to population indicators (annual population growth rate, total urban population, inner urban population, and all urban population density). “In order to meet the grade-III urban standard by 2020, Kien Tuong will focus on investing in infrastructure projects, when these projects are completed, it will create a motivation to attract investment, thereby it creates jobs, improves people's lives, attracts human resources from other places to settle down and live. The local authorities proposed the provincial People's Committee to consider and submit to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Transport to upgrade and expand roads in the province such as Highway 62, National Highway N1, etc. It closely coordinates with departments and agencies in calling for calling for investment attraction, solves related difficulties and obstacles, takes advantage of resources for urban development, and so on”- Mr. Nguyen Van Vu added.

Towards smart city

For many years, the province and the locality have mobilized resources, focusing on making Tan An city worthy of being the political, administrative, economic, cultural, scientific and technical center of the province. The appearance and landscape of Tan An urban area have been increasingly changed positively, people's lives in the area have been more stable and developed than before. Currently, Tan An continues to improve the criteria of grade-II urban areas and towards building a city of grade-I urban centers.

Mr. Tran Van Ngan (Ward 2, Tan An city) was excited: “Tan An has ever changed a lot! Thanks to the government's attention, people enjoy many benefits.Thay are not only about the infrastructure system but also many health services, education, commerce - services, including parks, amusement parks, entertainment for children, etc. These changes gives the city a good appearance, clean and nice. We are glad that Tan An met urban standard type II. In the coming time, people continue to work together with the government to build Tan An into a clean, beautiful and livable city”.

Tan An city focuses on raising the target of a grade-II urban center and building a smart city

Tan An city focuses on raising the target of a grade-II urban center and building a smart city

According to Chairman of the People's Committee of Tan An city - Le Cong Dinh, meeting the standard of grade II city is also a great opportunity and challenge for the city. The current challenge of the city is the management of planning, urban development, building a contingent of capable and qualified officials to meet requirements and tasks in the new situation; propaganda and mobilization of people of all classes to unify the implementation of guidelines and tasks to build the city in the new development stage, especially the construction of smart cities. In 2020 and the following years, Tan An will focus on perfecting and raising the criteria for urban areas of grade II, improving the quality of life of the people, towards a green, clean, beautiful, civilized, modern and friendly city. The city mobilizes to the maximum resources to meet the requirements of urban construction and development, especially after striving after 2025, Tan An city will reach grade-I urban standards according to the set plan.

Acting Director of Department of Construction - Nguyen Minh Hung informed that urban development program in the area is focused on implementing and achieving many important results. The urban appearance of Long An is increasingly prosperous, more modern, the material and spiritual life of the people is raised. According to the roadmap and plan, the province directs the localities to focus on improving the quality and fulfilling the urban targets in the general orientation. Besides, the province focuses on building and developing Tan An city into a smart city in the new period. The Department will review and advise the provincial People's Committee specific solutions, suitable for effective urban development in the province in accordance with the objectives./.

Long An currently has 18 urban areas, including 1 urban area of grade II (Tan An city), 6 urban areas of grade IV (Kien Tuong townlet, Hau Nghia townlet, Ben Luc townlet, Can Duoc townlet, Can Giuoc townlet, Duc Hoa town;ey) and 11 urban areas of grade V./.

By Chau Son – Translated by Duc Tam


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