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02/05/2019 - 10:18

Long An announces legal status list of real estate projects

Long An Department of Construction has just announced the legal status list of real estate projects on houses and residential lands in the province on its website.

Interface of the website

Deputy Director of Long An Construction Department - Dang Thi Thuy Ha said: “This activity helps people know the information of the projects before trading. Thereby, people can avoid buying houses and residential lands in the project which are not eligible for transactions".

Accordingly, people can access to https://sxd.longan.gov.vn, select the Residential and resettlement area information. This category includes all projects that are legally available for people to study before trading.

Accordingly, the department announced 3 lists of projects that have sufficient legal status. 

To be more specific, the first list includes 9 projects that have been approved for planning and licensed infrastructure in Ben Luc, Can Giuoc and Duc Hoa districts.

The second list is the projects that have been eligible to sell houses in the future, including the townhouses of Vincom Shophouse Commercial complex and service (Vincom Retail joint stock company, ward 2, Tan An city) and Tran Anh Reverside Residence (Tran Anh Long An Real Estate joint stock company, Ben Luc town, Ben Luc district).

The last one includes 118 residential projects approved in Tan An, Ben Luc, Can Duoc, Can Giuoc, Duc Hoa, Thu Thua and Tan Tru.

In addition, the department cooperated with functional agencies, local authorities to inspect real estate projects and promptly handle violations.

The Department also sends documents to local authorities to handle and publicize violations on its website.

According to Ms.Dang Thi Thuy Ha, real estate business activities in Long An are bustling. Many projects without construction procedures are still advertised on social networks with many attractive promotions and discounts. According to Article 55, the Law on Real Estate Business, these transaction are not eligible.

For that reason, the department and functional agencies, local authorities check and detect many violations, especially in Duc Hoa, Ben Luc, Can Duoc and Can Giuoc districts.

As a result, many projects are not eligible for real estate transactions including land procedures, approval of detailed planning projects at 1:500 scale, construction permits, technical infrastructure, etc.

Therefore, customers should consider carefully before trading, depositing or implementing the principle of transferring land use rights to prevent financial losses./.

By Mai Huong - Translated by Pham Ngan

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