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25/07/2019 - 11:43

Long An VnSAT strengthens information and communication work

One of the key issues is that the Project Management Board of Long An VnSAT has been developing a diversified communication strategy and implementing propaganda activities in various forms of VnSAT project.

Communication workshop on VnSAT project in Tan Thanh district. (Photo: Project Management Board of Long An VnSAT)

Communication workshop on VnSAT project in Tan Thanh district. (Photo: Project Management Board of Long An VnSAT)

Many campaigns are deployed

The communication campaign has the function of propagating and promoting throughout and bringing positive support to the activities of Long An VnSAT Project. With the importance of the communication campaign, Long An VnSAT Project has been propagated in various forms, from official communication channels to direct and multimedia communication channels to bring about the highest efficiency.

Last time, Long An VnSAT Project held the provincial conference and communication workshop on VnSAT project with 60 participants; organized 5 communication seminars on VnSAT project in districts in the project area with 364 participants; organized 18 communication seminars on project implementation results in cooperatives, there were 1,258 attendees. Besides, through newspapers and local radio stations, Long An VnSAT informed about activities and results of the project with 12 articles in print and online newspapers, 20 times of broadcasting, 23 times of television broadcasting and 5 short news.

By the end of 2018, the package of communication materials was completed in phase 1. Project Management Board of Long An VnSAT coordinated with relevant agencies to print many communication publications such as 70 panels (propaganda board), 1,000 sheets of posters, 13,000 technical handbooks "3-to-reduce, 3-to-increase" (3R3I), 6,500 technical handbooks "1-must-do, 5-to-reduce" (1D5R), 15,000 farm diary books, 13,000 leaflets 1D5R and organized training courses and technical training courses on 3R3I, 1D5R, seminars, conferences, so on to propagate the above publications to farmers and farmers’ organizations in the project area; Accordingly, documents such as panels and posters are installed at public places to inform and propagate to people inside and outside the project area.

Promoting the effectiveness of the communication work, the project will continue to improve the quality of this work and grasp the farmers’ difficulties and problems in the production process to have a diverse communication plan in the coming time, such as coordinating with Vietnam Television Center in Ho Chi Minh City (VTV9), Radio and Television Station of Long An, Long An Newspaper, and Cultural and Sports Center and Local Radio Broadcasting to publish 4 television topics, 3 television reports, 2 technical question-and-answer programs on television, 5 radio reports and 15 articles. Besides, the project also organized 8-10 communication seminars on VnSAT project with the introduction contents and results of implementing, informing and propagandizing about cooperatives, information on the sub-projects in phrase 3, and so on to have the next step to build communication materials package.

Improving communication work

In order to improve the quality of communication about the project, the person performing the communication task needs to grasp the objectives and requirements of the project, in which the role of local authorities and mass organizations plays an important role; At the same time, it needs to base on the actual situation in the locality to take an approach to effective communication. Besides, it is necessary to grasp the principle that the media content must be short and easy to understand; communication language in accordance with the cultural characteristics of beneficiaries; and so on.

Panels propagandizing Long An VnSAT project in Thai Binh Trung commune, Vinh Hung district

Panels propagandizing Long An VnSAT project in Thai Binh Trung commune, Vinh Hung district

Ms. Nguyen Thi Muoi - Communication Officer of Long An VnSAT Project said: “In order to support the progress of the project, with the aim to help farmers access and quickly apply technical advances 3R3I, 1D5R into the rice-fields, Long An VnSAT Project has been implementing many communication activities; at the same time, through communication channels on mass media such as fast news, printed newspapers, online newspapers, seminars, workshops, panels, posters, documents on 3R3I, 1D5R, and so on through communication channels such as radios, newspapers, grassroots communication networks (authorities, unions), the information of the project activities has been quickly conveyed to attract a large number of farmers to participate, forming many cooperatives in the project area, thereby the production chain - consuming rice between businesses and farmers is connected in a sustainable way ”.

In the coming time, VnSAT Long An will continue to build a variety of media campaigns on many different media channels. In particular, the project will work closely with relevant agencies and other social organizations to promote grassroots communication to quickly deliver messages from the project to beneficiaries. , accurate and effective./.

By Dai Viet – Translated by Duc Tam

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