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02/03/2021 - 17:48

‘5-star hotel’ for fruit attracts customers

Over more than half a year in operation and official use, up to now, "5-star hotel Cass" has earned high customer trust for its better-than-expected quality. Hence, it has made up fulfillment and pride of "hotel's” founders.

"The 5-star hotel Cass" is located at Hoa Binh Industrial Zone, Thu Thua District, Long An province. It is a warehouse where fruit and vegetable are accommodated by the exceptional MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) totally automatic technological system. This is the technology of clean, non-chemical preservation of farm produce which only makes changes in the atmospheric composition in the warehouse (lower oxygen levels, increase nitrogen and carbon dioxide levels) to reduce farm plants' respiration. Cass is an ahead-of-the-curve system of preservation of farm produce in Long An as well as Viet Nam and it is called "the 5-star hotel" as a simile. 

Fruit and vegetable vans are waiting for commodities' im-export at Cass

Fruit and vegetable vans are waiting for commodities' im-export at Cass 

The Director of Fruit and Vegetable Preservation Cass Co., Ltd - Quach Thi Le Chan expressed that various types of farm products were presently in stretching-period production all year round for the possibility of sensible regulation with the market needs and the enhancement of productive efficiency. Despite that, the "good harvest, bad price" or produce "rescue" state still occurs frequently. It mainly results from the seasonality of farm plants, which causes outputs to exceed purchasing power in the market. In spite of the technology investment of abundant enterprises in farm produce preservation, this activity just contributes to the partly consumption of the outputs of products with poor variants to generate augmented products. Plenty of enterprises selling farm produce assume that the majority of farm produce outputs still need to be consumed freshly, even the export ones. Therefore, suitable technological resolutions are needed for the capacity improvement of preserving farm produce, the assistance of interior consumption as well as fresh fruit and vegetable export. It is also the direct reason for the formation of Cass in Long An - an area possessing diverse fruit sources. 

At present, Cass completed the first phase of the construction project consisting of the warehouse system with 2 rooms, each has 9 floors with the capacity of 4.000 pallets, equivalent to 3.000 tons. Accordingly, the first room is in 4 to 6 degrees Celsius and the second one is in 10 to 12 degrees Celsius, which are suitable for all types of fruits in Vietnam. After over half a year of operation, Cass currently attracts customers to come over and preserve different kinds of fruit and vegetable such as dragon fruit, lime, guava, sapodilla, watermelon, sugar-apple, beetroot, etc.

The staff of Fruit and Vegetable Preservation Cass Co., Ltd. Informed that the system uses robots instead of humans for supervising due to its peculiarities. During the inventory receiving process, the staff scans the code on pallets, each pallet has a different code resembling the "address" of the commodity. If goods are needed to be taken, the staff will enter the code, then the robot will identify and retrieve the commodity through the customer information's storage app.  In this way, goods can be quickly and exactly accessed, in avoidance of mistaking or fraudulently exchanging goods. Simultaneously, the information of customers is always secured. 

Presenting at Cass to examine packs of seedless limes before storage for export to Dubai, a staff of a specialized fresh fruit and vegetable im-export company provided, the Cass has 10+ years' experience in the sector. The company is supplying vegetable products directly imported from Oceania, Europe, and vice versa. The company is presently a partner with Big C, Aeon supermarket, etc. Being asked about how the staff approached the company, this staff said he found out the company's information by its marketing process. Comparing the goods in storage at Cass, the staff informed that the fruit can be kept for longer period than other normal warehouses and the cool is kept lastingly and equally. Particularly, the lime's oil tube after storage doesn't bruise so it maintains the color when being earlier taken into the warehouse.

The staff extracts goods from the warehouse for delivery

The staff extracts goods from the warehouse for delivery 

According to Mrs. Quach Thi Le Chan, at the start of the operation, many customers aren't confident and usually use the service for experience and comparison. But after the period of experience, they praised Cass for its significant strengths themselves, most particularly the shrinkage rate after storage. Presently, the shrinkage rate of watermelon is roughly equal to 0, one of lime and other fruits is stunted at around 1 percent. Whereas, the shrinkage rate in other warehouse systems can be at 10 to 15 percent due to dehydration or rotten fruit pods. The reason behind is the deep research of the company, as their loading workers are trained to pile the goods so that the air circulates evenly and the product's quality still be intact as earlier. 

The first phase of Cass's warehouse was completed, the company is encompassing steps to entirely use machinery, robots to confine using manual labor.

It is expected that the company would form a service chain just like an "exchange" of fruit between the customer and the seller in the second phase. This venue's ground would be over 5.000 square meters to gather big goods sources with adequate services, namely preliminary processing, cleansing, heat treating, testing samples' quality, packaging, and so on to serve merchants along with enterprises, assemble goods for huge orders, and regulate sources of good for domestic business and exports./.

By Mai Huong – Translated by Duc Tam

Source: https://baolongan.vn/khach-san-5-sao-cho-trai-cay-hut-khach-a110354.html

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