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03/06/2021 - 10:20

African swine fever actively prevented and controlled

In recent days, African swine fever (ASF) reappeared in some localities. This causes many concerns for livestock production facilities in Long An province.

Farmers are concerned about the resurgence of ASF

Farmers are concerned about the resurgence of ASF

According to the report of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in May 2021, in the province, there was 1 cluster of ASF (2 households) in Vinh Buu commune, Tan Hung district, 13 pigs was destroyed. Accumulated from the beginning of 2021 to present, ASF has occurred in 11 households in 7 communes and 1 town in 6 districts, including Tan Hung, Thu Thua, Tan Tru, Moc Hoa, Tan Thanh and Tan An city with a total of 166 destroyed pigs.

Faced with the risk of a resurgence of ASF, farmers in the province have actively implemented solutions to prevent and control the epidemic, especially in large-scale pig farms and farms. Director of Long An Livestock Breeding Center - Le Tan Tai said that disease prevention and control is carried out regularly by the Center. Along with that, the Center implements the biological breeding method with organic food sources, strictly implementing the sanitation of the barns. Up to now, the center's pigs are still healthy, ensuring disease safety.

“For vaccine-prevented swine diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease, blue ear, etc., the center always follows the correct vaccination process to ensure effective disease prevention. Particularly for diseases that do not have a vaccine like the current ASF, the Center implements measures to block the source of the disease, which means that the center's staff will stay in the breeding area to take care of pigs from birth to separate from herds and deliver them to customers. For employees who have to leave the Center, when returning in, they must be isolated for 7-10 days before returning to the breeding area. In addition, the Center also has an absolute rule not to let strangers in or out of the breeding area to prevent and control epidemics" - Mr. Tai added.

Along with strictly implementing preventive measures, pig breeding facilities have increased research, learning and exchanging experiences and techniques in epidemic prevention and control of some models that do this job well. “In addition to basic epidemic prevention and control solutions, I also spend time researching and learning that livestock households and farms have new and effective disease prevention measures. In general, the current optimal solution is still regularly cleaning, disinfecting, disinfecting, barns and increasing the use of biological products” - Mr. Dang Hong Phong, resident of Lac Tan commune, Tan Tru district, shared.

According to statistics from the provincial Sub-Department of Livestock, Veterinary and Fisheries, up to now, the total pig herd in the province is over 70,000 pigs. Accumulated from the beginning of 2021 up to now, over 2,700 doses of foot and mouth vaccine have been vaccinated and over 700 doses of blue ear vaccine for cattle have been administered. The total number of pigs quarantined out of the province is 23,348 pigs, and 46,313 pigs are imported into the province.

Before the unpredictable development of the epidemic, the Director of the Provincial Sub-Department of Livestock, Veterinary and Fisheries - Le Thi Mai Khanh advised: "Livestock establishments should not be subjective, neglect, need to be regularly monitored pigs, applying biosecurity measures and fully vaccinated with prescribed vaccines. In addition, livestock establishments need to regularly clear plants around the barn, collect manure, clean and disinfect the entire barn with lime powder. In particular, it is necessary to clean, disinfect and disinfect vehicles transporting pigs and pig feed before entering the breeding area. When detecting sick or dead pigs, they must immediately report to local authorities and veterinary forces to take samples for testing and destroy according to regulations./.

By Bui Tung – Translated by Duc Tam 

Source: https://baolongan.vn/chu-dong-phong-chong-dich-ta-heo-chau-phi-a115242.html

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