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15/07/2020 - 10:46

Central Steering Committee 138 survey in Can Giuoc district

On July 13, the Mission of Central Steering Committee 138 led by Colonel Hau Van Ly - Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Public Security's Office headed the delegation to Can Giuoc district, Long An province to survey the situation and results of preventing and fighting against crime in 2020.

Central Steering Committee 138 survey in Can Giuoc district

Central Steering Committee 138 survey in Can Giuoc district

* According to a report of the District People's Committee, from June 2015 to June 2020, crimes violating social order occurred 283 cases in the district; in which, 31 cases were very serious and especially serious ones. Police forces discovered 67 cases of illegal trading, transporting and storing drugs; 26 cases were arrested and seized nearly 15,000 cigarette packs; eradicated 673 social evils. Recently, there has been a rise of gangs in "black credit" and usury.

Presently, the district has built and replicated 28 models of the all-people movement to protect the homeland security, bringing many practical results, especially the models of security camera and the criminal-denouncing key, which have been studied by other localities came and Director of the Provincial Police directed replication throughout the province; etc.

However, the prevention and combat of crimes is still limited due to the fact that criminal and social evils are quite complicated at present, especially property-infringing crimes. A part of the people is still subjective, loses cautions and creates conditions for people to commit crimes.

The district People’s Committee also proposed, considered to increase the number of full-time forces; to provide more professional means and equipment to better serve the fight against crimes; regularly organize intensive professional training courses for forces directly engaged in crime prevention and fighting.

Colonel Hau Van Ly highly appreciated the district's crime prevention. At the same time, it is suggested that the district should promote communication and mobilize people to actively participate in preventing, fighting and denouncing crimes in the coming time. In particular, the police force focuses on fighting against crime related to "black credit" and drugs; firmly grasping the situation of the locality, reviewing and managing the crimes and having a specific struggle plan, so as not to generate crime. Organizing preliminary and final reviews to draw experience and expand effective models; spreading the anti-crime movement in the residential areas.

Colonel Hau Van Ly concluded the meeting

Colonel Hau Van Ly concluded the meeting

* On the same day, the delegation came to work in Ben Luc district. According to district reports, from the last 6 months of 2015 to date, criminal cases occurred 440 cases, down 85 cases compared to the previous time. Investigation and discovery reached 88.86 percent, up 13.37 percent. Particularly in the first 6 months of 2020, criminal cases occurred 44 cases, exploring 42 cases, 58 people, reaching 95.45 percent. Regarding drugs, in 5 years of arresting 32 cases, 57 people illegally traded and stocked narcotics, compiling dossiers of application of Decree 111/CP of the Government for 307 people, applying Decree 221/CP of Government for 179 people.

At the conference, the professional teams under the district police also analyzed and clarified the opinions of members of the inspection team, especially on the results of crime prevention, construction, replication of models, typical examples in the fight against crime. As a result, up to now, the district has built and replicated 17 models of the all-people movement to protect national security in the direction of self-management, self-defense, self-defense, self-reconciliation at grassroots, etc.

Colonel Hau Van Ly highly appreciated the results that the Steering Committee 138 of Ben Luc districts achieved in recent years and requested to continue to perform well the coordination with related units to proactively grasp the situation and crimes to direct the Party Committees and local governments to proactively review and fight drastically and effectively the prevention and fight against crimes and social evils. At the same time, strengthening the propaganda, raising vigilance among the people, creating an interaction with the people in order to coordinate well in implementing the work of ensuring security and order in the area./.

By Staff – Translated by Duc Tam


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