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20/02/2020 - 08:25

Chau Thanh district recognized to meet new-style rural standards

The Prime Minister has just signed Decision No. 256/QĐ-TTg recognizing Chau Thanh district of Long An province to meet new-style rural standards in 2019. Accordingly, Long An People's Committee is responsible for announcing and rewarding according to the law; directing Chau Thanh district to continue maintaining and improving the quality of criteria, focusing on production and environment criteria to ensure sustainability in building new-style rural area.

Chau Thanh district is recognized to meet new-style rural standards, marking a strong changing step

Chau Thanh district is recognized to meet new-style rural standards, marking a strong changing step

After more than 8 years of implementing and performing the National Target Program on new-style rural construction, up to now, Chau Thanh district has achieved 9 out of 9 criteria of the new-style rural district; 12 out of 12 communes are recognized to meet new-style rural standards. In the period of 2011-2018, the district mobilized over 1,800 billion VND to implement the new-style rural construction program, of which the people’s capital contributed nearly 30 percent.

The district has implemented effectively the promotion of internal resources, aroused the people in building new-style rural areas, especially in building rural roads. Up to now, 100 percent of district-managed roads ensure convenient transportation for cars and connect to commune administrative centers. 100 percent of the road surface is asphalted and concreted. The system of bridges and culverts on the district roads is solidly built, the dike system ensures good prevention of salt and keeping freshwater.

The process of restructuring plants and animals (dragon fruit trees and shrimps) brings practical effects. Especially, it effectively implemented the project of 2,000 hectares of dragon fruits applying high technology in association with the restructuring of agriculture and new-style rural.

Organizational forms of agricultural production are interested in innovating in the direction of strengthening production linkages along the value chain and sustainable development. The material and spiritual life of the people is constantly improved and developed. By the end of 2019, the district only had 1.05 percent of poor households. Per capita income reached nearly 60 million VND per year.

Chau Thanh district was recognized to meet the new-style rural standards, marking a strong transformation. This is the impetus for the Party Committee, the government and the people here to raise the spirit of solidarity and efforts together to build their homeland richer and more civilized. In the coming time, Chau Thanh district will focus on maintaining and improving the quality of criteria for building new-style rural standards, striving to have 100 percent of communes meet the advanced new-style rural standards by 2020./.

By Staff – Translated by Duc Tam


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