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18/08/2021 - 09:16

Determining and valuating land prices facilitates site clearance

Land price determination and valuation play an important role, serving as a basis for compensation payment, facilitating the acquisition and handing over land for implementing projects, contributing to local socio-economic development.

The work of determining and valuating land price plays an important role in compensation and site clearance for implementing project (Illustrative photo)

The work of determining and valuating land price plays an important role in compensation and site clearance for implementing project (Illustrative photo)

Appropriate price is needed to apply 

Long An province has many policies calling for businesses to invest in works and projects in the area. Along with the completion of projects and works, the work of land acquisition, compensation and site clearance is always concerned by provincial leaders. Many projects when completed will promote efficiency, they contribute to the overall development of the province. However, some projects are prolonged due to compensation and site clearance, there are still many problems, especially people do not agree on the price as well as policies for compensation and resettlement support.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong (hamlet 3, Long Hau commune, Can Giuoc district) shared: “We always support the guidelines and policies of the State and agree to implement. However, when the project is implemented, all levels and sectors should review the actual land price as a basis for valuate price, compensation payment and resettlement support for people. My family has land acquired to build an industrial park, but the compensation price is much lower than the actual price, affecting benefits. For infrastructure projects, works of the State, serving the community, compensation at the State price, we agree, and for industrial development projects, compensation should be considered at market prices, this ensures the people’s rights. Then, we recommend that the leaders pay attention, adjust the price appropriately, and ensure the interests of the parties".

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan's family (Huu Thanh commune, Duc Hoa district) has land acquired to implement the Huu Thanh Industrial Park project. Mr. Tuan said: “Investment in implementing the project will contribute to the socio-economic development of the locality, the quality of people’s life will also be improved. However, we do not agree with the compensation unit price as well as the support policies. I request all levels and branches to review unit prices and policies to suit reality, ensuring harmony between the interests of the parties.

Information from Duc Hoa District People's Committee, compensation and site clearance work in the area has changed compared to before. However, the district still faces many difficulties and limitations in this work. In particular, the determination of land price and land price appraisal still have certain shortcomings, so a number of households whose land has been recovered are not in high agreement. The main reason is that in the area adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, land price fluctuates constantly, so the work of price determination and land price appraisal is sometimes slow and inappropriate. The district strengthens survey, review, and redefine land price accordingly, submit to superiors for appraisal and approval, avoid affecting the people’s interests in the project area.


Ensuring interests between parties harmoniously

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment - Nguyen Van Thong, over the past time, the province has had drastic instructions, focusing on compensation and site clearance. The province has removed related obstacles and difficulties, created favorable conditions for many projects to operate and promote their effectiveness. Compensation work is carried out through the following steps: advising on the establishment of a compensation, support and resettlement council; notice of land acquisition; organize the actual distraint, measurement and tally; determining and appraising land prices; make compensation, support and resettlement plans; appraise the draft compensation, support and resettlement plan; publicize the draft plan to the people; finalize the plan after the announcement or listing; approve compensation, support and resettlement plans; issue decision on land acquisition and approval of compensation, support and resettlement plan on the same day; make payment decisions; etc.

In particular, the work of determining land price, valuating land price plays an important role. The compensation land price is approved by the Provincial People's Committee as the basis for the local People's Committees to approve the compensation and payment plan for the people. If the land price is suitable, the people will agree, the compensation progress will be fast to implement the project, increase investment attraction, increase budget revenue. On the contrary, the land price is not suitable, the site clearance faces many difficulties, the project will be behind the schedule.

At present, some projects are prolonged because they have not received the people’s consensus, especially on land price and compensation policy. The reason is that the administrative boundaries of some key districts such as Duc Hoa, Ben Luc, and Can Giuoc are adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, plus the policy of industrial, urban, trade and service development in this area. The situation of land fluctuations in recent years is very large, land prices are constantly increasing.

Although the District Level Compensation and Land Clearance Council has surveyed the reality to propose an appropriate compensation price according to the market price, when the Provincial People's Committee approves to implement the next steps until paying to the people, it is no longer appropriate. This leads to difficulties in compensation and site clearance because most people do not agree with the compensation price, policies for compensation and resettlement support.

A number of small and retail production and business projects, and residential projects are interwoven in projects of industrial zones, clusters and residential investors for the purpose of speeding up progress and having high profitability, thus they compensate according to the method of self-negotiation with the transfer price higher than the compensation price in concentrated industrial park projects.

In addition, there is additional support for people outside the plan approved by the Provincial People's Committee, which makes it difficult to implement state projects. In addition, the situation of land speculation, buying and selling, transferring when there is information on project planning creates a "virtual demand" on land prices, which also causes difficulties in compensation and site clearance.

Deputy Director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment - Nguyen Van Thong informed: determining the important role of land price determination and valuation in compensation, site clearance and resettlement assistance, for each project, the Department cooperates closely related departments, branches and localities to balance, review, and ensure harmony between the interests of the parties (interests of the State, people and investors).

The Department proposes to promote the role of the locality, especially the District Compensation and Land Clearance Council, to speed up the determination of prices and propose close to market prices; at the same time, it is necessary to propose other support policies of each project in accordance with the actual situation in the locality. Since then, the land price appraisal council of the province will have a basis to consider, appraise and submit to the Provincial People's Committee for approval the compensation unit price for payment to the people./.

By Thanh My – Translated by Duc Tam

Source: https://baolongan.vn/tao-thuan-loi-cho-giai-phong-mat-bang-tu-viec-xac-dinh-tham-dinh-gia-dat-a119557.html

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