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08/09/2021 - 16:32

Floating rice conservated and developed

In order to develop the area of floating rice in the Mekong River Delta, Loc Troi Group and the People's Committee of Tan Hung district, Long An province signed a cooperation agreement to produce 100 hectares of floating rice in Vinh Dai commune, cultivated sustainable process (SRP).

100 hectares of floating rice in Vinh Dai commune, Vinh Hung district is developing well

100 hectares of floating rice in Vinh Dai commune, Vinh Hung district is developing well

In the past, according to the traditional farming method of the people, the floating rice germinated with dew, grew with alluvial water from upstream, bloomed in sunlight, completely grow in nature. However, in the production linkage plan between Loc Troi Group and Tan Hung district, farmers cultivating floating rice will have the support of a team of agricultural engineers, providing solutions and processes, farming techniques, application of science - technology and field management during the linking process.

Accordingly, an area of 100 hectares of farmers in hamlets of Lang Sen and Vinh An, Vinh Dai commune was organized by Loc Troi Group to sow the Nang Tay Dum floating rice variety with the amount of seed about 80 kilos per hectare by unmanned aerial planes, instead of sowing by hand as the farmers’ previous habit. Loc Troi Group signed a memorandum of agreement to ensure the consumption of all output after harvest at the price of 15,000 VND per kilo at the field. In addition, Loc Troi Group will support the registration of collective trademarks, growing area codes, barcodes for traceability, ensuring rice quality and enhancing the brand name of floating rice in the market. In addition, farmers participating in the floating rice production model are also supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with a cost of 2.2 million VND per hectare.

Floating rice was popularly grown before 1990s in the Mekong River Delta until it was replaced by short-term high-yielding rice. Farmers grow this rice by traditional methods, without fertilizers and pesticides. In particular, this rice variety differs from other rice varieties in that it is grown in the flood season. When the flood comes from upstream, where the water comes, the rice plant will grow with water, the rice may grow up to 3-5 meter long, surpassing the flood surface to grow and bloom with a life cycle of about 6 months. In particular, floating rice also creates favorable conditions for aquatic species to live, multiply and develop during the flood season, helping people increase their income.

This special rice variety not only fully shows the cultural life in the delta, but the restoration and revival of the floating rice ecosystem is also considered as an environmentally friendly sustainable agricultural solution; at the same time, it creates a stable livelihood for people in each flood season./.

By Van Dat – Translated by Duc Tam

Source: https://baolongan.vn/bao-ton-phat-trien-lua-mua-noi-a121161.html

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