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10/02/2022 - 21:53

Indonesia unveils educational, cultural priorities during G20 presidency

Indonesia on February 9 announced four educational and cultural priorities during its G20 presidency this year, according to an official of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

Illustrative image (Source: g20.org)

Illustrative image (Source: g20.org)

The first priority is universal quality education, which is raised to respond to a challenge to equal access to education in all levels, particularly vulnerable groups, in order to recover from COVID-19, Iwan Syahril said during the Kick Off of the G20 on Education and Culture.

He added this issue is also a manifestation of Indonesia's commitment to realise quality educational access for all, in accordance with the fourth Sustainable Development Goal.

The second issue is digital technologies in education, he said, noting that Indonesia is looking forward to discussing in details how digital technology offers a solution to equal access and social justice in the educational sector.

He added the third is solidarity and partnership. Indonesia wishes to offer its wisdom as part of the effort to re-imagine the future as it believes that only through cooperation and mutual support could a myriad of global issues be solved.

Regarding the last issue - the post-COVID-9 future of work, Syahril said post-COVID-19 job needs will change, so the world also needs to make changes, particularly how education can answer the global challenge in the future.

Under Italy's presidency last year, the G20 discussed the issue of inadequate learning and unequal access to education during the pandemic. Indonesia opined that the initiative taken last year must be strengthened, and G20 member states must work hand in hand to address unequal access to education in the wake of the pandemic, according to the official./.


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