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24/04/2020 - 19:28

Long An: Efforts to fight against Covid-19 and develop economy - society without subjectiveness or neglect

The Long An People's Committee continues to recommend social distancing and encourages people to wash hands regularly to disinfect, create a habit of wearing masks and keep a distance in public places.

Implementing the Prime Minister's direction in Notice No. 164/TB-VPCP dated April 23, 2020 and in order to effectively carry out the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic in a spirit of no subjectiveness or neglect, the whole country moves to a new stage of disease prevention and control with a longer and more radical basis, together with socio-economic development, gradually creates a new normal state in the event of a disease outbreak, according to Official Letter 2341/UBND-VHXH dated April 24, 2020, Long An People's Committee requested Heads of the provincial departments, committes and sectors, Chairpersons of People’s Committees of districts, town and city and Heads of related agencies and units to immediately implement the contents as follows:

1. Social distancing is continued recommending to implement and people are encouraged to regularly wash hands to disinfect, create a habit of wearing face masks and keep distance in public places, including on public transport; restrict going out if not necessary; in case of necessity to leave the house, they must wear face masks; limit to gather in crowds in public places; people having fever signs should stay at home, do not go to work, agencies, schools and public places, and they must immediately contact medical facilities or doctors for advice and follow the doctor's instructions.

2. Owners of enterprises, production and business establishments in the province are responsible for fully implementing measures to prevent and control epidemics under the guidance of the health agencies.

3. Heads of educational and vocational training institutions are fully in charge of implementing measures to prevent and fight epidemics according to the guidance of medical agencies and specialized agencies, ensure absolute safety and carefulness; organize teaching and learning with key contents.

The Department of Education and Training and the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs are assigned to coordinate with localities to implement, inspect and handle violations as prescribed.

4. The following activities and services are reopen but they must fully meet the requirements on the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic under the guidance of medical agencies, including:

4.1. Transportation activities:

- Passenger transport routes by inter-provincial cars are operated 50 percent of the frequency of driving chart for fixed routes and bus routes; 50 percent of the total units of the transport business unit for contract and tourist vehicles.

Border districts (particularly including inner-provincial and inter-provincial passenger transport): one-third of the frequency of driving chart is operated; one-third total transport business unit for contracted vehicles and tourism.

- Ticket prices are not allowed to increase.

Department of Transport is assigned to coordinate with localities to implement, inspect and handle violations as prescribed.

4.2. Restaurant and catering services: each service establishment must be ensured no more than 20 people at a time and a safe distance as prescribed.

5. The following activities and services are continued to suspend until a new policy of the Provincial People's Committee, including:

- Festivals;

- Meetings or events gathered with more than 20 people in one room; 20 people or more are not allowed to gather outside the workplaces, schools and hospitals.

- Religious and religious rituals with 20 people or more.

- Clubs, facilities, locations: Yoga classes, meditation classes, dancing classes or martial arts.

- Cultural activities, sports, outdoor tourism with 20 people or more.

- Theaters, service of massage, karaoke, bar, dancing, internet and video game

- Clubs for singing together, art, billiard and swimming pool.

- The establishments introducing experience products to treat diseases.

6. Continue to seriously maintain border guard check-point along the border line to strictly control the entry, exit, transport of goods and prevent and combat smuggling under the direction of the Prime Minister and related ministries and branches.

7. Department of Health is assigned to coordinate closely with relevant functional agencies and localities to update and identify specific risk levels of each district and commune to promptly propose the Provincial People's Committee to consider and apply appropriate measures to prevent and control epidemics.

8. Long An Newspaper, Long An Television and Radio Station focus on strengthening to provide regularly and continuously this Dispatch so that everyone can know, understand and voluntarily implement it, especially the regulations specified in Section 1 of the Official Dispatch.

9. The Fatherland Front and provincial Mass Unions are proposed to concentrate on strengthening propaganda and mobilizing union members and association members to strictly comply with the above regulations and measures to prevent and control epidemics; at the same time, actively propagating and mobilizing people to agree, support and well implement the above provisions.

10. The members of the Steering Committee for dangerous epidemic prevention and control for people of the provinces and districts according to their assigned tasks and geographical areas continue to coordinate with the party committees and localities to actively implement drastically measures to prevent and control epidemics mentioned above, to ensure seriousness, promptness and effectiveness.

The previous instructions of the Provincial People's Committee on Covid-19 prevention and control, which are contrary to this Official Letter, are complied with this Official Letter.

Based on the direction above, the heads of the provincial departments, committees and branches, the chairpersons of the People's Committees of districts, town and city and the heads of the concerned agencies and units urgently and seriously implement the implementation./.

By BLA - Translated by Duc Tam


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