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11/10/2019 - 15:15

Long An has 5 more industrial clusters

According to Long An Department of Industry and Trade, in the first 9 months of 2019, the Provincial People's Committee approved the investment policy on infrastructure of 5 industrial clusters (ICs) that have decided to establish.


At Long Dinh Long Cang industrial cluster, Can Duoc district

These ICs consist of Tan Phu, Duc Thuan 2, My Quy Tay, Le Tran and Loi Binh Nhon. The total area of 5 ICs is 196.3 hectares, with an investment of over 2,382 billion VND.

Thus, up to now, Long An has 57 ICs that have been approved by the Provincial People's Committee to invest in infrastructure with a total area of 2,839.5 hectares, total registered capital of about 22,691 billion VND.

Currently, the province has 22 ICs in operation with a total area of 1,095.5 hectares, attracting 544 projects with a total investment of 15,635 billion VND. Of these, there are 60 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects. The total investment is 209 million USD, the area of leased land is 586.65 hectares, the occupancy rate is 86.55%.

In 9 months of 2019, ICs in the province did not receive new secondary projects because the ICs were almost full. In addition, because the remaining lands were scattered in ICs, they did not meet the needs of new investors in a large area.

Therefore, the provincial People's Committee requested the Department of Industry and Trade to support businesses to urge the infrastructure investment progress of ICs to ensure that at least 3 new ICs will be put into operation in 2019. At the same time, the Department of Industry and Trade have to advise the policy of investing in the remaining ICs under the Proposal to adjust the IC development plan in the province by 2020, accordingly, the whole province will have 62 ICs with a total area of 3,106.5 hectares./.

By Mai Huong - Translated by Pham Ngan

Source: http://baolongan.vn/long-an-co-them-5-cum-cong-nghiep-co-quyet-dinh-thanh-lap-a83471.html

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