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16/09/2021 - 11:09

Long An plans to restore new production, ensures Covid-19 prevention and control

The Provincial People's Committee issued a plan to restore production of enterprises in the province from September 15 to October 15, 2021.

Tan Thanh Hoa Production-Trading Co., Ltd. in Thu Thua district implements

Tan Thanh Hoa Production-Trading Co., Ltd. in Thu Thua district implements "3-on-site" measure over the past time (Photo: Luc Nguyen)

Up to now, the province's epidemic prevention and control has achieved very positive results, basically surpassing the epidemic peak, the total number of infectious cases and the death rate has gradually decreased, the entire population vaccination rate has been very high.

The province flexibly implements measures when the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic changes, ensuring harmony between production recovery and epidemic prevention and control requirements. Provincial People's Committee promulgates plans to restore production of enterprises in the province.

Phase 1, from September 15, 2021 to October 15, 2021. Enterprises allowed to operate are implementing the 3-on-site measure, enterprises with employees staying in that have not been appraised or have not yet passed the "3-on-site" measure, they must be appraised for passing new request to operate.

Enterprises producing and trading essential goods and services (According to Document No. 4481/BCT-TTTN, dated July 27, 2021 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and relevant legal documents). Enterprises participate in global supply chains.

Accordingly, in phase 1, the Provincial People's Committee requires enterprises to only use laborers residing or temporarily residing in the province. Particularly for experts and managers staying outside the province can run the business far away.

If they have a need to work in the province, they must ensure the health regulations and must stay in the province during the working period. Employees must be vaccinated with at least 1 shot of vaccine and the injection duration is at least 14 days (unless indicated by health authorities).

Enterprises are allowed to operate up to 50 percent of the number of employees compared to normal conditions, the enterprises themselves decide to arrange accommodation for workers to stay in the enterprise ("4-on-site" measure: “3-on-site” measure and on-site medical care) or outside residence (inns, private house, etc.), or a combination of both.

In case the employee returns to their habitation outside, the enterprise must organize the pick-up and drop-off by common vehicles (the employees are not allowed to go or return by private vehicles). Particularly, employees who have received 2 shots of vaccine may travel by personal vehicles within the district, town or city where the enterprise operates, but they must ensure compliance with regulations on epidemic prevention and control.

Enterprises must organize gathering places for workers (ensure the "5K" principle) for transportation and must notify district- and commune-level local authorities where the gathering places are located for supervision. The employees must commit to businesses and commune-level local authorities to ensure the "5K" principle and only move from the gathering places to their own houses.

For means of transport, it is necessary to register the registered number plate of the vehicle, the driver, the route, so that the competent agency can manage and supervise. It must ensure the principle that the means of transportation only serve employees of the enterprise. The employees travelling on only their vehicle, arranges for employees to share the trip, share the workshop and sit according to the fixed position diagram, must post the employee's name on the seat.

The vehicles must ensure that employees get on the vehicles to have their body temperature checked, closely monitor the signs of cough and fever, manage fixed seats on the vehicles, and are not allowed to stop, park or enter other places to avoid them contacting with people on the road, disinfect the vehicle after each trip. Before returning to work, the employees must have a negative RT-PCR test for Covid-19 within 72 hours.

During the operation, enterprises must perform periodic testing by antigen rapid test or RT-PCR test (single sample or pooled sample up to 10 people), maximum every 7 days for people workers often come into contact with the outside of the community. The remaining employees rotate periodically to test by antigen rapid test or RT-PCR test (single sample or pooled sample up to 10 people), up to 7 days once, at least 20 percent of total labor once.

In addition, businesses must commit to fully and seriously comply with regulations on Covid-19 prevention and control when operating. In particular, it is necessary to arrange an extra place where F0 and F1 is expected to be isolated in case the epidemic occurs and have a health department in charge of controlling the Covid-19 epidemic at the enterprise.

Phase 2, after October 15, 2021, it depends on the epidemic situation, the Provincial People's Committee will have the specific regulations then./.

By Le Duc – Translated by Duc Tam

Source: https://baolongan.vn/long-an-co-ke-hoach-khoi-phuc-hoat-dong-san-xuat-moi-bao-dam-voi-cong-tac-phong-chong-dich-covid-1-a121638.html

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