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21/09/2021 - 14:35

One Commune One Product Program: Raising value of local agricultural products

Implementing the program "One commune, one product" (OCOP), Long An has built many key products with brand, competitiveness and high economic efficiency. This is considered a solution to exploit the potential and advantages of localities, helping to the value of agricultural products.

Raise the level of agricultural products

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Development (ARD) - Dinh Thi Phuong Khanh, the province has issued the OCOP Scheme for the period 2018-2020, with a vision to 2030, with the goal of restructuring agricultural production in order to develop economy in rural areas, raising people's income.

In addition, the province creates conditions for production and business entities to participate in introducing and promoting products at trade fairs inside and outside the province; organized a venue to display, introduce and sell OCOP products at Dong Thap Muoi reststop on National Highway 62 (Thuy Tay commune, Thanh Hoa district), attracting over 20 production entities to participate. Up to now, after 3 years of deployment and implementation, the OCOP program is really an important solution to create jobs and increase income for rural people. Specifically, up to now, the whole province has 14 products recognized as OCOP star, of which 9 products are 4-star standard, 5 products are 3-star standard.

According to evaluation from professional sector, the highlight of OCOP products is compliance with regulations on food safety and environmental protection at the production place. In addition, the packaging and labels of OCOP products have also been gradually improved, ensuring the regulations on goods labels, especially the product traceability stamp. This is an effective measure both against counterfeiting and imitation goods, and also creating trust in OCOP products with consumers. After more than 3 years of implementing the OCOP program, many products have affirmed their brand and reputation in the market and are trusted by consumers. As a result, many production and business establishments in the province boldly participated in the program with the aim of introducing and promoting local products and images.

Mustard green is one of three products selected by Can Duoc district to participate in the OCOP program

Mustard green is one of three products selected by Can Duoc district to participate in the OCOP program

Chairman of the People's Committee of Can Duoc district - Huynh Van Quang Hung said that the district has implemented a key model of agricultural development in association with the OCOP program in the period 2018-2020, with the goal of structuring agricultural production, develop forms of production and business organization in order to produce products and services with advantages, meet standards, be able to compete in the market, develop the rural economy in the endogenous direction and valuable addition. Can Duoc has 3 products included in the OCOP program of the province, including Co Chau sausage (Can Duoc townlet), mustard green of the Muoi Hai Safe Vegetables Cooperative (Long Khe commune) and Long Huu snow-flaked cake (Long Huu Tay commune).

Director of the Muoi Hai Safe Vegetable Cooperative - Le Van Giay said that the cooperative members were happy because the output of the product has been stable and the income has been also better since they joined the OCOP program. Currently, the cooperative provides safe vegetables for many supermarket systems inside and outside the province. Currently, the cooperative has 31 members, producing about 10 types of leafy vegetables meeting VietGAP standards (with more than 14 hectares). Thereby, it creates jobs for more than 10 local workers, earning from 6-8 million VND per person per month. “After being selected by the district to participate in the OCOP program, the cooperative was supported with capital, technology and food safety assurance conditions in the production and preliminary processing areas were also upgraded. As a result, the cooperative's safe vegetable products are trusted by consumers inside and outside the province, consumed a lot, over 2 years of participating in the program, the cooperative's revenue has increased" - Mr. Giay added.

Products made from moringa of Vuon Nha Minh One-member Company Limited (Tan Tru district) participating in the OCOP program

Products made from moringa of Vuon Nha Minh One-member Company Limited (Tan Tru district) participating in the OCOP program

Similarly, Vuon Nha Minh One-member Company Limited (Tan Binh commune, Tan Tru district) produces moringa powder - a nutritious and healthy plant to supply the market with about 500 kilos per month. Thereby, it creates jobs and stable income for many local workers at the rate of 6-7 million VND per person per month.

Director of Vuon Nha Minh One-member Company Limited - Pham Ngoc Anh Tuan shared: “Currently, the company mobilizes local people and some households in neighboring districts such as Thu Thua, Thanh Hoa, so on to expand the planting area of moringa to form a material supply area for the company”. According to Mr. Tuan, the company is completing the procedures for OCOP recognition for its products and he believes that the products will be recognized and consumers will trust more and more in the near future.

Difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic

Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development - Dinh Thi Phuong Khanh informed that OCOP was an effective and practical program for people, contributing to bringing typical, potential and local products to the domestic market and outside the province. This is very important for Long An when the province's industry, service and commerce are in the development stage, the consumer market is small, many products have good quality but not many people know about them. The OCOP program not only helps localities solve poverty reduction problems, promote the creativity and intelligence of the people, but also build linkages and develop community economy.

“The Covid-19 epidemic has greatly affected the organization and implementation of the province's OCCP program, the training, guidance and propaganda on the OCOP program is difficult to implement; Trade promotion (organization and participation in trade fairs to promote and introduce OCOP products) is almost impossible to implement. In addition, production and business establishments face many difficulties in producing and consuming OCOP products, increasing raw material prices leading to the increase of production costs and shortage of workers. Most of the facilities are difficult to ensure the "3-on-site" condition, so they have to temporarily suspend production", - Ms. Phuong Khanh added./.

By Bui Tung – Translated by Duc Tam


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