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05/01/2020 - 17:14

Outstanding results of Long An province in 2019

Lunar New Year 2020 is coming. Closing the old year, the Party Committee, authority and people of Long An province excitedly welcome the new year with quite comprehensive results in all fields.

The total budget revenue exceeded the estimate

2019 was an important year in leading successfully the Resolution of the Xth Provincial Party Congress and the XIIth National Party Congress. In the context of many difficulties and challenges, with the concentration and efforts of the whole Party, the whole army and all the people in the province, the implementation of Resolution achieved many positive results with 18 out of 21 major targets achieved and exceeded the plan. Notably, the total budget revenue was estimated at about 18,000 billion VND, much higher than the estimate assigned by the Central and Provincial People's Council.

The total rice output of the whole year reaches 2.75 million tons

Although economic growth (GRDP) did not reach the plan, it was still quite high (9.41 percent), ensuring the 5-year average growth target of Resolution of the Xth Provincial Party Congress (from 9-9,5 percent). The economic structure continued to clearly shift in the right direction of the industry - trade, service - agriculture. In particular, the industry – construction sector promoted the role of motivation for the overall development of the province; the growth rate was maintained at a high level and exceeded the annual plan, reaching 14.45% in 2019.

Developed from a purely agricultural province, the area of agricultural land is larger than the total area of the whole province, the agricultural sector is always concerned to direct strongly, drastically and synchronously.

In 2019, except for the difficulties in raising pigs, other fields of cultivation and husbandry were effective and profitable. The productivity and output of key crops of the province developed quite well. The total rice output of the whole year reached the set plan (2.75 million tons); high quality rice was estimated at 1.37 million tons, exceeding the plan.

The structure of plants and animals continued to shift in the direction of improving quality and efficiency. The breakthrough program on hi-tech agricultural development associated with agricultural restructuring continued to be focused on implementation and achieved positive results. In particular, the province focused on monitoring, urging and supporting the construction of 4 pilot cooperatives on 3 types of crops and 1 type of cattle associated with strengthening guidance and transferring production techniques, contributing to improving awareness of the political system and the people on clean agricultural production.

Infrastructure was invested, socio-economic was developed

In 2019, the province continued to prioritize resources to invest in infrastructure systems, especially in transport, creating leverage to promote socio-economic development. The program on mobilizing all resources to build transport infrastructure for industrial development in key economic regions achieved positive results. Roads were built, expanded, upgraded, connected the center to the countryside and created a new appearance for the localities.

The appearance of the homeland is constantly innovating (In the photo: A corner of Tan An city)

The key work of the Resolution of the Xth Provincial Party Congress (tenure 2015-2020) was continued to accelerate the implementation process. In particular, Provincial Road 830 (section from Ben Luc to Long An Port) has been constructing in phase 2. Tan An City Ring Road has been focusing on site clearance; it has been building from National Highway 1 to Provincial Road 827A and from Phan Van Tuan street to Nguyen Tan Chinh street (Khanh Hau ward). Tien Giang - Long An - Ho Chi Minh City axis road has been implementing the planning project and investment plan.

In particular, in recent years, the province has received the attention and support to mobilize from the former State President - Truong Tan Sang to invest in building rural infrastructure and to give cows to the poor, etc. This activity contributes to improving the physical and spiritual life of the people.

Besides, the socialization of investment in housing, education and entertainment works for workers in industrial parks and clusters had positive changes.

Another outstanding result of Long An in 2019 was that after 10 years of implementing the National Target Program on new rural construction, there were 77 communes recognized to meet the new rural standards. The average number of criteria per commune was 15.2 criteria per commune. The province submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to appraise and recognize Chau Thanh district as a new rural district. Especially, the province has also been completing the dossier for appraising Tan An city to complete the task of building new rural.

The Party and the political system building were improved. The arrangement of the organization and apparatus of agencies and units under the Project No.02-DA/TU of the Provincial Party Committee was guaranteed according to the set progress; operation situation was quite stable. The planning, training, mobilization and appointment of officers were carried out strictly, in accordance with regulations and processes, closely following the project of personnel planning work of the province for the period of 2011-2020 and the following years; gradually standardized and improved the quality of officers, meeting political requirements and tasks in the new situation.

Although there were 3 targets that did not reach the Resolution, the achievements of 2019 were very positive, showing the solidarity, responsibility, efforts of the political system, people and business community in the province. This was an important premise for Long An to overcome all difficulties and challenges, take advantage of opportunities to create new breakthroughs, successfully implement the Resolution of the Xth Provincial Party Congress (tenure 2015 - 2020) in the new year./.

By Ky Nam - Translated by Pham Ngan

Source: http://baolongan.vn/nhung-dau-an-noi-bat-trong-nam-2019-a88193.html

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