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27/10/2020 - 09:12

Planting Israel-technology-based cantaloupe gains high economic efficiency

The model of planting cantaloupe based on Israeli technology for the first time applied in Can Duoc district brings high economic efficiency, it opens up new development direction for the local agriculture sector.

Planting cantaloupe with Israeli technology brings high economic efficiency

Planting cantaloupe with Israeli technology brings high economic efficiency

Risk investment 

In recent years, the application of scientific and technical advances in production to produce clean agricultural products, ensure the health of consumers and as solutions to climate change has been gradually adopted to invest by farmers in Can Duoc district strongly. In particular, the model of planting cantaloupe with Israeli technology was first implemented by Mr. Vo Hoang Trong, living in Hamlet 5, Long Son commune.

After a tour in Da Lat and knowing how to produce vegetables and fruits in a greenhouse system has many advantages over traditional production, Mr. Trong bravely invested in an agricultural net house model using technology. High efficiency with Israeli drip irrigation technology for 3,500 square meters of land. Mr. Trong said: “After visiting many models and learning a lot of experiences, I rented 7,000 square meters of land for 8 years to grow cantaloupe, of which, building a polyethylene (PE) house of 3,500 square meters, with about 2,500 cantaloupe roots, the rest of the land is used as auxiliary areas. From April 2019, I harvested 10 times, each time separated about 70-75 days, yielded from 3.5-4 tons per PE house, earning about 100 million VND each time. The average price is stable to sell to supermarkets about 35,000 VND per kilo, retail price 60,000 VND per kilo. However, from the beginning of 2020 up to now, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the price is very low, only 18,000 VND per kilo, plus the rainy weather causes flooding, hundreds of trees die, labor costs so I don't have high interest”.

Mr. Trong's melon growing system is installed with a PE house and irrigation system, covered with special nylon above, installed a series of automatic control systems, including cable car, sun-cut net, air-conditioning and drip irrigation according to Israeli technology. The PE house helps to block rain and prevent insects from entering, so there is no need to use pesticides.

According to Mr. Trong, in order for cantaloupe to develop evenly, it is necessary to regularly prune the rope and monitor the daily water supply according to each time of plant development, especially when the plants is flowering, because cantaloupe is planted in a PE house will not have naturally pollinated bees. Melons are not planted directly in the ground but are grown in pots consisting of sawdust mixed with coconut fiber, adding a little manure and inorganic fertilizers to create nutrients for plants. In particular, he is aiming to model and value chain production, trademark registration and traceability stamping. This is the direction in line with the current clean agricultural production trend to provide consumers with safe, high-quality products and increase agricultural efficiency.

Needing replication

Currently, Long Trach commune also has about 4,000 square meters of land to grow melon in a PE house, applying drip irrigation technology of Mr. Nguyen Hoang Vu. Mr. Vu shared: “Growing cantaloupe has the advantage of few growers and high efficiency. With 1,000 square meters, I planted about 2,400 melon strings. cantaloupe is grown using science and technology, only using biological products, so they have high yield and quality, each fruit weighs from 1.5 to 1.7 kilo, selling for 32,000-33,000 VND per kg. On average, I have a profit of several tens of million VND per crop. According to Mr. Vu's experience in growing cantaloupe, if cantaloupe is grown in the wild, the yield is poor, the color of the fruit is not good, the tree is susceptible to pests and diseases. Therefore, the development of the model of growing cantaloupe in a PE house is completely suitable for the local climate and weather conditions; At the same time, applying technical measures will be a safe solution and bring economic efficiency. "Growing cantaloupe is a new production model that needs to be replicated, contributing to the transformation of awareness for safe and sustainable agricultural farming households, creating quality and safe agricultural products" – Mr. Vu said.

However, at present, people in the upper-land of Can Duoc district also have difficulty in the drainage problem. According to Mr. Vu and Mr. Trong, planting vegetables and fruits using high technology brings about efficiency. However, growers still face many difficulties due to lack of drainage systems. I hope that localities and functional agencies will support the construction of drainage systems for efficiently producing and replicating this model.

Head of the Can Duoc district Agriculture and Rural Development - Nguyen Hong Chuong said: “It can be seen that, in front of the market demand for clean agricultural products, ensuring the health of consumers and in the context of agricultural production. When the industry suffers from many negative impacts of climate change, the investment in installing PE houses, net houses and economical irrigation systems is the right direction in agricultural production and is also one of the solutions to contribute to implementing the Local Agricultural Sector Restructuring Project. In the coming time, the locality will propagate the production people to apply scientific and technical advances to improve production efficiency and people's life./.

By Huynh Phong – Translated by Duc Tam

Source: https://baolongan.vn/trong-dua-luoi-theo-cong-nghe-israel-hieu-qua-kinh-te-cao-a104563.html

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