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24/09/2020 - 08:47

Updating and correcting land changes strengthened

Currently, in Long An, people have been mobilized to contribute their land or compensate to expand and upgrade some roads and irrigation works, but the land changes have not been corrected.

In many places, land changes have not been corrected

In many places, land changes have not been corrected

This fact is very likely to arise a land claim. In addition, the above adjustment of the land change is also a cause of road safety corridor encroachment.

Aboout this issue, many recommendations are given to have a unified policy to avoid disputes arising as well as facilitate the people when land procedures are implemented later.

Over the past time, the Long An People's Committee has issued many documents directing the district-level People's Committee to strengthen the updating and correcting changes in cadastral records in the province. In particular, the province directs to update the work of adjusting the traffic and irrigation routes and arrange funds for implementation.

Currently, the People's Committees of districts, town and city have been developing plans to adjust fluctuations and allocate funds to update and adjust changes in cadastral records.

The Provincial People's Committee continues to direct the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to send a written request to the District People's Committee to promptly review, update and correct changes in traffic roads and irrigation works that mobilized people to contribute land or compensated to avoid disputes arising as well as to facilitate the people when the land procedures are implemented./.

By Le Duc – Translated by Duc Tam

Source: http://baolongan.vn/tang-cuong-cong-tac-cap-nhat-chinh-ly-bien-dong-dat-dai-a102850.html

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