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03/11/2023 - 10:53

Cooperate in exploiting and developing tourism

Long An has a lot of potential for tourism development. The Provincial Tourism Industry, together with tourism businesses and travel agencies, are trying to stimulate tourism by the image of the province.

Visitors to My Quynh Safari can directly observe the tigers in the semi-wild area of the zoo.

Building attractive destinations for tourists

Mice Travel Company Limited (Ben Luc town) has just successfully organized a tour for officials and employees of organizations in Thanh Loi commune, Ben Luc district to visit and experience the grapefruit garden in Binh Thanh commune and Tan Lap floating village eco-tourism area, Moc Hoa district. Ms. Le Thanh - a guest on the trip, said that Long An has many attractive destinations for tourists, no less than other localities such as Ben Tre and Vinh Long.

At the grapefruit garden, visitors can learn about the grapefruit growing process and try grapefruit products. At Tan Lap Floating Village Ecotourism Area, visitors can enjoy traveling by canoe deep into the Melaleuca forest, the vast scenery of birds, fish in water lily fields. 

The scenery here is peaceful and quiet. In addition, Mice Travel Co. Ltd. also coordinates with many units inside and outside the province to organize many other tours with a one-day schedule including: Tan Lap Floating Village - Happy Land; Happy Land - Chavi Garden - My Quynh Zoo; etc.

Director of Mice Travel Co. Ltd. - Dang Thi Cam Huong said, Mice Travel was established with the desire to serve tourists wonderful holidays, so the company puts service quality on top. In particular, Mice Travel is always happy to help tourists to experience destinations in the province because Long An has many very attractive destinations.

Located only about 40km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City center, My Quynh Safari is the first large-scale zoo in the Southwest region, located in Tan My commune, Duc Hoa district. The zoo has an area of nearly 50 hectares including: semi-wild zoo, bonsai and Koi fish garden, indoor and outdoor play areas, water park, resort and restaurant.

The zoo system is methodically designed with large-scale, My Quynh Safari currently has over 100 animals. With the desire to create a place of natural entertainment for Long An and the Western region, My Quynh Zoo brings a new green space to everyone, oriented towards educating environmental protection in the most familiar and practical way.

Visitors to My Quynh Safari will be able to face-to-face observe the tigers in the semi-wild area of the zoo. Instead of looking at animals kept in cages like in other parks, visitors can ride a car along the zoo area, witness with their own eyes animals that are almost wild and interact with them like feeding and stroking them. After hours of exciting sightseeing, the water park will surely bring visitors refreshment.

Another tour has just been built by travel companies. The first destination of the day is Lawyer Nguyen Huu Tho Temple with incense offering activities, listening to explanations reviewing history and learning about Lawyer Nguyen Huu Tho, visiting the library space and his architectural works.

After that, visitors can have breakfast at the Temple and move to Chavi Garden Tourist Area to experience many interesting games: Sasuke challenge, capture the flag, grow vegetables, grow rice, row a canoe and learn canoeing skills, cooking, catch fish, etc.

Exploiting unique strengths

Recently, especially after the Culture and Tourism Week of Long An province in 2022, along with many solutions to stimulate tourism demand associated with building and promoting the image, Long An has become a notable tourist destination. In the first 9 months of 2023, there were 712,700 tourist arrivals to Long An, an increase of 42% over the same period in 2022, reaching 95% of the plan, of which there are about 13,000 international visitors. Tourism industry revenue reached 410 billion VND, an increase of 67% over the same period, reaching 100% of the plan.

The Provincial Tourism Promotion Information Center informed that, to exploit the strengths of the tourism industry, the province is focusing on developing specific tourism products, which are Vam Co river waterway tourism, Dong Thap Muoi biotourism, etc.

The province has built and developed main tourism products: Weekend tourism, tourism to visit historical and cultural relics, rural tourism,  transit tourism, flood season sightseeing tourism, research sightseeing tourism.

In particular, priority should be given to developing tourism products that are unique and highly competitive. In particular, Long An tourism cannot be separated from the connection and cooperation with Ho Chi Minh City and provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta.

In regional connection, Long An identifies typical routes with 2 main product lines. The first one is eco-tourism associated with Tan Lap Floating Village Eco-Tourism Area, Endless Field Tourist Area, different to localities with similar resources such as Tien Giang, Dong Thap, or some other western provinces. The second one are entertainment and tourism products associated with destinations such as My Quynh Zoo, Phuoc Loc Tho Ancient Village, Chavi Garden, Happyland, etc.

Tourists visiting Ba Vu cajuput forest in Tan Hoa commune, Ben Luc district

In addition, localities in the province are paying more attention to tourism activities, some districts are building specific programs based on local strengths.

Localities are converting local specialty and OCOP products into tourism products to take full advantage for Long An agricultural products.

In particular, in the current period, human resource training and development is considered an important breakthrough to improve the quality of service for the local tourism industry.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Provincial Tourism Promotion Information Center have signed cooperation agreements with 20 universities and tourism training establishments nationwide to jointly research, train and improve human resources for Long An tourism.

The province's orientation is to train according to the actual needs of tourism businesses, with priority given to receiving students majoring in Tourism to research and intern at Long An tourist destinations./.

By Gia Han - Translated by Q. Thien

Source: https://baolongan.vn/lien-ket-khai-thac-phat-trien-cac-hinh-thuc-du-lich-dac-thu-a165682.html

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