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21/02/2024 - 14:14

Businesses start the new year with 'flying dragon' spirit

At this time, production activities have become vibrant again after the Lunar New Year break. All businesses expect a new year with the spirit of 'flying dragon', overcoming economic difficulties, developing better production and business, creating jobs and stable income for workers.

Expectation for a prosperous year of the dragon 

Global Smart Steel Company (GB Steel) has a production factory in hamlet 1, Tan Tay commune, Thanh Hoa district, Long An province. Although it has only been in operation since August 2023, the company's business results in 2023 are quite successful, as revenue reaching 135% of the plan.

General Director of GB Steel Company - Nguyen Duc Huyen shared that the company's Board of Directors has many years of experience in the steel structure manufacturing industry, and a team of highly skilled workers and laborers. The company also owns a system of new and modern machinery and equipment. Currently, GB Steel is one of the leading enterprises in the steel structure market in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general.

Workers at GB Steel begin production and expect better business development in the new year.

With impressive victories in production and business in 2023, GB Steel continues to be resilient and ready to face challenges to achieve more achievements, exceeding all tasks, production and business plan targets for 2024.

The company's 2024 goal is to continue to maintain and create trust with customers by committing to quality and progress. In addition, GB Steel Company also promotes export markets to countries such as Norway, Australia, Sri Lanka, Japan, etc. According to the plan, GB Steel will organize exhibitions and promote its products in Sri Lanka at the end of February 2024 and in the Philippines in April 2024.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Huyen excitedly said that with consensus, solidarity, and a proactive and ready attitude, the GB Steel will together conquer 2024 successfully as expected. Currently, all units and projects of GB Steel have entered production with urgency, full of determination with the spirit of the "flying dragon".

At the same time, this year, GB Steel also continues many programs for the community and social security in the locality where the company has its manufacturing and business factories.

Up to this point, more than 100 workers of NTV International Investment Company Limited (Thai Hoa Industrial Park, Duc Hoa district) have started production. The company specializes in producing bird's nest, coconut jelly, bird's nest aloe vera, pearl seeds, aloe vera, etc, serving the beverage market as well as export.

Currently, about 35% of the Company's products serve the domestic market and 65% are for export. Their export markets include 10 countries such as England, Korea, Russia, Türkiye, Iran, etc.

NTV International Investment Company Limited has signed many contracts and maintained orders until the end of 2024 in foreign and domestic markets.

Project Director of NTV International Investment Company Limited - Tran Trung Vinh Thai shared that in 2023, due to the influence of the world and domestic economic situation, the company's business results only grew nearly 7% compared to 2022. However, it is forecast that in 2024, the market will improve more because the company expands relationships with customers and enhances product marketing in other countries.

Up to now, the company has signed many contracts and maintained orders until the end of 2024 in foreign as well as domestic markets. In particular, the company has discussed with many new partners who are domestic distribution businesses to bring goods into supermarket chains. To create better products, NTV company will invest in more advanced production lines that meet food safety such as plastic drying lines, Aseptic - UHT sterile bag filling machines.

Focus on many business strategies

San Ha Company Limited (Thanh Phu commune, Ben Luc district) specializes in manufacturing and trading fresh and frozen poultry products and processed foods of all kinds. San Ha is a pioneering company in building and developing a safe food supply chain model from farm to kitchen. In addition to poultry, in recent years, the company has added processed food items such as fried chicken, sausages, pate, chicken balls, pork sausage, sausage, duck sausage, etc with F&B, AGF and Amy's brands.

According to General Director of San Ha Co. Ltd. - Pham Thi Ngoc Ha, all production and business stages of the unit have resumed operations to meet market demand. The domestic market has not really recovered due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. However, in Long An, the retail market has many bright spots, with fairly stable growth. In particular, there are many individual business households, widely distributed, both in urban and rural areas.

Currently, the demand for safe food for consumer health is increasing, especially in rural areas. From this need, San Ha Company aims to expand its business market with individual business households in localities to provide safe products at competitive prices. When there is a need, business households can contact San Ha, especially when starting a business.

Workers at Ba Huan Joint Stock Company's processing factory

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ba Huan Joint Stock Company - Pham Thi Huan said that after the Tet holiday, the company continues to operate production and business activities to meet people's consumption needs. The company currently holds about 30% of the poultry egg market share in the Southern region.

In 2024, the company continues to comprehensively digitally transform, operating the business management system from the farm to the distribution chain. This application helps the company strictly control product quality and save time and effort, bringing quality products to customers. Digital transformation is applied to the entire company system including headquarters, factories and subsidiaries located in provinces and cities, including a processing factory in Duc Hoa district.

According to the general opinion of organizations, potential risks from the world economic environment are still present and continue to have a negative impact on Vietnam's economic growth. On the domestic side, it is forecast that economic growth will continue its positive recovery trend, and support policies issued in 2023 will have a clearer impact on the economy.

In addition, the province is also promoting growth drivers, focusing on mobilizing and disbursing investment sources including public investment, foreign investment and private businesses. In particular, the Department of Industry and Trade is focusing resources on enhancing trade promotion, finding export opportunities for businesses combined with stimulating demand and supporting domestic consumption, promoting the campaign "Vietnamese prioritize Vietnamese goods"; supporting the recovery and development of industries, especially processing and manufacturing industries; promoting the application of achievements of the 4.0 industrial revolution in industrial production; creating favorable conditions for the service and logistics industry to develop; etc.

With what the province is doing, businesses have complete confidence in a smooth and prosperous start to the new year./.

By Mai Huong - Translated by Q. Thien

Source: https://baolongan.vn/doanh-nghiep-khoi-dong-nam-moi-voi-hao-khi-rong-bay-a171604.html

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