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21/12/2021 - 17:44

Enjoy relaxing days in Long An

Long An started to restart tourism from the end of October. Up to now, the number of visitors has been steady but not much. Long An tourism is still being gradually restored.

What's attractive in Long An?

The highlight of Long An tourism is ecotourism with immense green melaleuca forests. From Ho Chi Minh City, just move about 100 kilometers, visitors can "leave the city to the forest", come to the natural landscape, no smoke, no noise. Coming to Tan Lap Floating Village (Moc Hoa District), visitors can walk in the melaleuca forest, row a dinghy along the interlaced canals, watch water lilies, lotus flowers, immerse themselves in the scene of evening birds pulling each other back to their nests, etc.

Long An tourism has the strongest eco-tourism with immense green melaleuca forests (Photo: NVCC)

Long An tourism has the strongest eco-tourism with immense green melaleuca forests (Photo: NVCC)

Leaving the Floating Village, tourists can return to the Endless Field (Moc Hoa district). It is also the vast melaleuca forest, but the Endless Field gives visitors a completely different experience when they can both rest and take care of their health. After the trip, in addition to resting, visitors also know what is tea tree, where is melaleuca wind, which plants can be used to treat colds, which plants can extract essential oils, see firsthand how essential oils are distilled and enjoy the rustic dishes made from natural vegetables and fish with medicinal properties to care and improve the health of the users. That is the strength of Long An tourism during the past years.

In addition, recently, Long An tourism is also approached from other perspectives, gentle, emotional and very close. There, visitors not only see the scenery but also hear interesting stories about the land and people here; You can cycle along the village road between the two rows of tall king areca trees, then stop to watch the lotus fields beside the ripe yellow rice fields. The fancy, ripe red dragon fruit fields are always the ideal "check-in" site, producing shimmering but rustic photos.

Also on that trip, visitors can sit in the middle of a windy homestay and listen to the owner tell a family love story, which is the most important factor to help the owner make the decision to build a unique homestay in the middle of immense rice fields. Homeowners want to give their loved ones the best in their home land. Homestay was born, became the highlight of a corner of Tan Tru village and attracted the attention of tourists. There, they were welcomed as distant friends visiting home, with all the affection and generosity, simplicity of the countryside.

If you don't go to Tan Tru, you can also visit the lower part of Long An, visit Rach Cat fort, listen to historical stories about important places in Can Duoc area, Nuoc Man canal, Hundred- pile house, etc. Can Duoc is also one of the "cradles" of don ca tai tu, where there is Van Phuoc communal house, which is worshiping the spirit of musician Nguyen Quang Dai. Sitting under the canopy of an ancient tree in front of the communal house, listening to the elite artisans of Long An land in harmony, there is nothing more wonderful than that! Many landmarks and specialties of Can Duoc and Can Giuoc regions have hidden tourism potential and are being exploited by companies, however, they are still small, odd and discrete.

Restoring step by step

Director of the Social Tourism Research Institute - Nguyen Tran Hoang Phuong once affirmed that the tourism industry has the ability to recover "quickly" after the epidemic. It only takes 7-10 days to "restart" and all businesses serving tourists can recover. And the time is now considered "ripe" to restart the tourism industry. Long An has basically controlled the epidemic, the rate of people receiving 2 shots of the vaccine is quite high, combined with the destinations in the province that are mostly natural, so it will be the preferred choice of tourists.

Marketing Communications Director of TST tourist Company - Nguyen Minh Man said that every month, the company has about 4 tours to Long An, mainly exploiting in the direction of Can Duoc, Can Giuoc - Moc Hoa and received good feedback from the travelers. However, that has not really created a flourish for the province's tourism.

After the epidemic, tourists come to Long An, although the number is limited (Photo: NVCC)

After the epidemic, tourists come to Long An, although the number is limited (Photo: NVCC)

Director of the Endless Fields tourist area - Bui Dac Thang said that the resort has still welcomed visitors regularly since the epidemic, but the number of visitors is not much. Although visitors have given positive feedback after the trip, until now, the number of visitors has not improved, each group is only 5-10 people. Mr. Thang said: "A new strain appeared, causing many tourists to cancel the tour because of fear. The low number of visitors makes it difficult for us to maintain and preserve the works in the tourist area".

That is the common difficulty of ecotourism sites when outdoor works require regular maintenance and embellishment to serve visitors. The number of visitors is low, the revenue is not enough to maintain the operation, making the tourist attractions continue to face many difficulties, although the tourism industry is on the way to starting up. Road obstacles are also one of the difficulties that have not been solved temporarily in Long An tourism.

In addition, the quality of service at the site, the accompanying services: accommodation, meals have not met the requirements of the best service for visitors. Mr. Minh Man said: “I realize that the Can Duoc and Can Giuoc areas of Long An have a lot of potential for tourism development, but they still lack many things. The 3-star accommodation places, quality homestays so that guests can stay the night and use services before moving to another location are completely lacking. In my opinion, Can Duoc and Can Giuoc need to be supported in human resource training and appropriate investment orientation from landscape to infrastructure in tourist areas. The locality needs to have a specialized department to actively exploit and promote tourism.

The annual tourist season usually begins on Christmas, New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year, so on, and the psychology of tourists gradually getting used to living with the epidemic, creating conditions for the tourism industry to recover. But that opportunity also comes with risks and challenges, and needs the companionship and support of all levels of government./.

By Que Lam – Translated by Duc Tam 

Source: https://baolongan.vn/ve-voi-long-an-tan-huong-nhung-ngay-thu-tha-a127245.html

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