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25/02/2023 - 18:00

Promoting strength of rural tourism in 2023

Long An is the gateway with all the characteristics of the Mekong Delta as well as being close to Ho Chi Minh City, the province has many opportunities and conditions to develop rural tourism that targets tourists from Ho Chi Minh City and the North. In 2023, the province's tourism industry has focused on promoting its strengths; introduced to visitors rural tourism products.

Significant potential for rural tourism

Whether based on existing ecological conditions or large-scale investment, prominent destinations in Long An such as Tan Lap Floating Village, Endless Field, Happyland, Chavi Garden, My Quynh Zoo, etc. all provide Tourists have tourism services close to nature, experience, especially combined with health care.

Endless Field is one of the highlights of rural tourism (especially healthcare tourism) in Long An

In the midst of busy life, everyone needs peaceful moments to have more energy. At Tan Lap Floating Village or Endless Field, visitors can immerse themselves in the green space shady melaleuca, watch flowers, birds and enjoy the specialties of the countryside. These are the right places for those who love nature. In particular, the Endless Field also provides health care services with medicinal herbs upon request.

In addition, if visitors want to have fun with family and friends in the green space, the agricultural experience service at Happyland or experiential educational ecotourism at Chavi Garden, the semi-wild zoo at the Zoo My Quynh is the ideal suggestion. With green nature, seriously invested landscape, many relaxing spaces and playful, rural game services to help destinations attract tourists, especially visitors from HCMC.

Efforts to awaken potential

In order to best promote the strengths and develop rural tourism, Long An tourism industry will focus on a number of activities: Opening training courses for people, creating conditions for them to do rural tourism, promoting Long An tourism to other markets, etc.

Long An Tourism Industry is making efforts to orient rural tourism products and services based on local strengths, associating existing cultural values, forming a brand for the destination in particular and Long An tourism in particular to develop rural tourism in the province. Training courses on preserving and processing food from rural products; taking photos with phones for people to promote products will be opened in 2023. These are the basic foundations for people to become a link in the tourism service chain of the province.

The well-invested landscape is the highlight at Happyland, Chavi Garden, My Quynh Zoo,... (In photo: My Quynh Zoo)

When people know how to participate in tourism development, the authorities will create all favorable conditions to support individuals and businesses in the construction and preparation of facilities. After that, activities to connect destinations, service providers, etc. will be implemented to help travel agencies easily set up tours to Long An.

One of the important activities in the development of rural tourism in the province is promotion. According to Director of the Center for Information and Tourism Promotion - Do Thi Kim Dung, in order to strengthen promotional activities, in 2023, the Center will organize a delegation to promote Long An tourism in the Northern provinces. Ms. Dung said: “Long An's river features are very attractive to tourists in Ho Chi Minh City and the North because of the difference in climate and topography. We are in the process of making documents and procedures so that we can organize events to introduce Long An tourism in some provinces and cities. In order to operate with the highest efficiency, the delegation is expected to have an activity to process and serve visitors the typical dishes of Long An. It is a lively and convincing introduction, which is expected to bring many positive results.

At the Conference on Sustainable Development of Long An Tourism in the period of 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Pham Tan Hoa affirmed that tourism is a general economic sector with interdisciplinary, inter-regional and highly socialized, its development is not only located in one region, one province, but reaching out beyond the scope of local administration, a country, area. Therefore, the plan to promote Long An tourism to the northern market is one of the activities that are expected to bring prosperity to Long An tourism.

In 2022, Long An tourism industry has many outstanding highlights. That is confirmed by the high number of arrivals during the Lunar New Year holidays. In 2023, with the orientation to focus on strongly developing the strengths of the province, it is hoped that Long An will have a breakthrough year./.

Rural tourism is tourism development under the National Target Program on building new countryside in order to build a model of community tourism associated with preserving and promoting cultural values; form community tourism products with high connection; ensure cultural interaction between people and visitors; bring authentic experiences that contribute to the protection of nature and local culture. In addition, rural tourism also orients farmers and residential clusters that are exploiting tourism in the province in order to create a diverse, outstanding and different chain of tourism products and services to attract tourists.

(According to the Provincial Tourism Promotion Information Center)

By Que Lam - Translated by P.Ngan

Source: https://baolongan.vn/phat-huy-the-manh-du-lich-nong-thon-trong-nam-2023-a150263.html

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