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26/07/2021 - 09:05

Improving PAPI: Leadership responsibility enhanced

In recent years, Long An has paid attention to directing all levels, branches and localities to focus on improving the provincial Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI). Thereby, it contributes to improving the operational quality of the governmental apparatus at all levels, improving the people-serving spirit, enhancing the publicity, transparency and accountability quality of public organizations.

Many sub-indexes increase

In 2020, the province's PAPI reached 42.67/80 points, ranking 34th out of 63 provinces and cities in the country, up 20 places compared to 2019. It is eager that the province has 2 out of 8 sub-indexes scored in the highest group (16 provinces), including corruption control in the public sector (reaching 7.63 points, ranked 4th out of 63 provinces and cities) and public administrative procedures (reaching 7.6 points, ranked 11 out of 63 provinces and cities).

“Achieving high results in the index of controlling corruption in the public sector is thanks to the province's focus on promoting information, propaganda and dissemination of legal documents and related documents on preventing and controlling corruption in many forms so that the people know and carry out supervision; promote the supervisory role of the People's Council, Fatherland Front Committee, socio-political organizations at all levels and people in anti-corruption work. At the same time, the province gets outstanding achievements in the index of public administrative procedures is thanks to the province's focus on well implementing the "one-stop-shop" and "inter-agency one-stop-shop" mechanisms in solving administrative procedures for organizations and individuals; strengthening the application of information technology in solving administrative procedures, improving the quality and efficiency of providing online public services at levels 3 and 4 and public postal services” - Deputy Director of the Department of Home Affairs - Tran Ky Duc informed.

Administrative procedures are publicly and transparently listed

Administrative procedures are publicly and transparently listed

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Vu (Loi Binh Nhon commune, Tan An city), currently, the situation of "petty corruption" in the province has decreased markedly, especially giving and receiving bribes at the "one-stop shop" department or having to "spend more money" for family members to receive better care and treatment in hospitals.

“I am very satisfied with the current public administrative procedures in the province, especially since the application of information technology has been promoted in solving administrative procedures. In addition to submitting my application through the online public service portal of the province, I can apply through the Zalo channel of the provincial e-government integrated into the electronic one-stop-shop software at the Provincial Public Administration Service Center and the district public Administrative Service Center. In the face of the increasingly complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, I just need to sit at home, access the website with the address: Zalo.me/cqdtlongan to be able to look up administrative information information and my own dossier-solving results" - Mr. Nguyen Van Thoai (Ben Luc town, Ben Luc district) shared.

In addition to the two sub-indexes that were assessed to be in the highest group as above, in 2020, the province has four more sub-indexes, up 1.38 points compared to 2019: People's participation at the grassroots level (up 0.46 points in the middle and high group); people's accountability (increase by 0.25 points in the lowest group); control corruption in the public sector (up 0.53 points in the highest group) and public administrative procedures (increase 0.14 points in the highest group).

PAPI continues to be improved

In 2020, although the province's PAPI increased by 20 places compared to 2019, it is still ranked 2nd in the group with low average scores (15 provinces), ranked 8th among provinces in the Mekong Delta. It is worth mentioning that the annual increase and decrease of the PAPI is unstable, and has not yet shown the sustainability in each sub-indexes.

Administrative dossier that is timely solved is one of the important solutions to improve people's satisfaction

Administrative dossier that is timely solved is one of the important solutions to improve people's satisfaction

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Home Affairs - Tran Ky Duc, the province will strengthen the roles and responsibilities of the heads of agencies and units in order to continue to improve the PAPI, especially implementing administrative procedure reform chemical procedures according to regulations; well implement and implement e-government, promptly review and update information on the portal/website of the province and other agencies and units so that people have the need to access and grasp information about the activities of local governmental agencies.

Simultaneously, the province strengthens information and propaganda work among cadres, civil servants and people about the Ordinance on implementing democracy in communes, wards and townships, contents and issues that people have the right to know, discuss, participate in implementing, inspecting and supervising the implementation; promote the prevention and fight against corruption, troubles and harassment in the fields of health, education, etc.

“In addition to creating favorable conditions for people to learn useful information about policies and laws from the government, localities have well performed the government's civil mobilization work, improving accountability to the people in the community performance of assigned tasks and powers; regularly inspect and strictly handle violating organizations and individuals causing environmental pollution, air pollution, water pollution; etc." - Chairman of Kien Tuong People's Committee - Nguyen Van Vu shared.

Every year, on the basis of people's assessment of the effectiveness of governance, state management and public service provision, the PAPI helps governments at all levels know the achieved results as well as the shortcomings and limitations restricted in some contents and fields. Since then, the all-level authorities continue to promote the achieved results, overcome the shortcomings and limitations, promptly adjust and improve the quality and operational efficiency in governmental administration and management./.

The PAPI is defined across 8 content domain indexes and 28 sub-indexes. Each content metric is assigned 10 points, the total score of the PAPI is 80 points. In 2020, Quang Ninh ranked first in 63 provinces and cities with 48,811 points. Long An ranked 34/63 provinces and cities with 42.67 points, up 20 places compared to 2019 (ranked 54/63 provinces and cities). Lam Dong has the lowest score, 38,623 points.

By Phong Nha – Translated by Duc Tam

Source: https://baolongan.vn/cai-thien-chi-so-papi-nang-cao-trach-nhiem-nguoi-dung-dau-a118168.html

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